Ever looked at your bank statement and gasped, "I've been charged for gold I never bought in Highrise?!" Before you call in a detective, don't panic! Here's how you can play Sherlock:

The Mystery Charge:

If you see an unexpected charge, the first place to turn to is either Apple or Google Support. Sometimes, they're a bit like your forgetful aunt who gifts you Christmas presents in July. They might have forgotten to charge for a previous purchase and are now catching up. Or they could be grouping your purchases together, like a surprise party for your bank account. So, before you believe you've been mysteriously spending gold in your sleep, give them a shout.

The Case of the Accidental Purchase:

Oops! Did you accidentally buy a gold package? Or did your little one decide to go on a Highrise shopping spree without your permission? In the spirit of all things fair and square, please contact Apple or Google Support for these accidental purchases. We at Team Highrise would love to help, but just like we can't help you find your missing socks, we can't determine accidental purchases or issue refunds from our end.

So, remember, in the case of the phantom gold package, don't be aghast. Just reach out to Apple or Google, and we're sure they'll solve this whodunit in no time!