All grab clothing and furniture will give you special boosts for the duration of the event! You can find all Event Grabs by navigating through the Event Menu. Just tap the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Event Grabs

These are special pieces of equipment that give a boost in the event. When an item has Boost, it increases the number of event tickets you earn in the event. To view Event Grabs, you can visit the event room and spin the grabs from the bots, or you can spin directly from within the Event Menu > Event Shop > Grabs. 

You don't have to equip these items to receive their benefits, and you can own several grab items and still apply their Boost up to a predetermined, event-specific ceiling. For example, you may own 15 Boost Epics, and 7 Boost Rares in an event which caps Event Grab Boost at 20 items. In this scenario you will receive the boost power from the 15 Epics and 5 of your Rares. 

Event Grabs are untradeable while the event is running, but you'll be able to buy, sell, and trade after the event is over. 

Lucky Grabs 

Use Lucky Tokens to spin the Lucky Grabs! Items earned in the Lucky Grab are typically event-specific items.

You don't have to equip Lucky Grab items in order to benefit from their effects. If you have multiple Lucky Items in your possession, their effects will stack up, though there is an event-specific ceiling on how many items will actually give you boost power at one time.