What are Lucky Tokens?

Lucky Tokens can be used on specific Lucky Grabs and to upgrade your Boost. You can find the Lucky Grabs grabs under Event Menu > Grabs. 

Items obtained by spinning Lucky Grabs will help you out in the event!   

How do I get Lucky Tokens?

Lucky Tokens are awarded at certain progress intervals throughout the event. After you win a specific amount of tickets, you'll receive rewards such as Lucky Tokens. You'll receive these rewards regardless of your rank.

To collect, just keep hoarding those tickets. Tokens will be credited to your account automatically once you reach the next reward level. You can also win more tokens by helping your crew complete the Crew Chest challenges. 

You will also earn Lucky Tokens at various stages of the event. If you're feeling a little impatient, you can also sometimes buy sales packages during events that may include lucky tokens.