List items for sale or for trade and update your inventory by adding to your Storefront! 

  • You can create your own Storefront by visiting your profile and tapping on 'Storefront'.
  • If it's your first time listing something, choose the 'Create a storefont ad' option. Once one item has been placed you can just hit the + box to add an item to the storefront. You can list any tradeable clothing and furniture. 
  • While the first nine items you add to your Storefront are free, keep in mind that you’ll be charged for each item you list after the ninth, starting at 160 gold per! 
  • Boost your sales by advertising! While adding an item to your storefront, you can pay 10 gold for each item added to your storefront after the first so that it appears in the Newsfeed.  
  • In the Newsfeed, you’ll see a short list of advertisements from random players; when you tap on the ad for a particular item, you will be taken to your inbox with a pre-filled request for that item. If you pay for an ad, your item will appear here for other Highrisers!