There are lots of different ways to get gold! This is the primary currency in Highrise, and can be used to spin new items, barter with other players, and participate in some games. Here's how you can get it:
  1. Purchase gold from our shop. This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get gold. Just tap on the shop icon in the bottom right hand of your screen and you will be directed to our shop where you can then choose the 'cash' option. This will bring you to a page where you can review and purchase the packages we offer.

  2. Complete partner offers. To earn gold for free, check out our sponsor offers! You can view these offers by clicking the shop icon in the bottom right hand of your screen, choosing 'cash', and then choosing the 'earn gold' option. You can also earn free gold and random rare items by watching videos. You can do so through our Cash Shop, or by tapping on the video icon to the right of your home screen.

  3. Participate in games. Other players happily award Gold in player-created games like pageants, block games, etc. Be sure to join in the fun!

  4. Receiving tips from other players. Others players will sometimes give you a gold tip, but please don't beg for them. Nobody likes a beggar!

  5. Save gold from crew gifts. Technically this isn't a way you can earn gold yourself, but, if you're in a crew, you can get gold as gifts every time a crewmate purchases gold. All crew members will receive a gift with each individual purchase! When you receive these gifts you'll be able to claim them via your gifts page.