Not all items are created equal! 

Super cool items have higher market value and, quite simply, they number fewer in Highrise! 

  • Each item has a different value: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, in ascending order of value. 
  • Every spin is based on chance. For gold grabs, with each spin you'll receive either a “rare” item or an “epic” item. Rare items will drop more frequently than Epic items.  Spin every in a gold item set to win the Legendary! 
  • For bubble grabs, you're more likely to spin a common item than a rare item. Win all items in a bubble grab and win the Epic item for the set. 
  • Gold grabs expire sooner than do bubble grabs, which is why you may see some players wearing items that are not displayed in our shop. Most items from expired grabs can be purchased from other players in trade or with gold.