Grabs are item sets that we release into the game, and oftentimes we'll release multiple grabs per week. You can win new items by visiting the Shop to peruse the catalogs.

Where do I find Grabs?

The main way to spin items is through the Shop. Tap on the Shop icon in your bottom menu, and from there you can view 'Featured Grabs'.

If we have a live event going on (these change around once a week) then you can also check out the new grab in the Event Room. Tap on the event icon in the lower right of your home room screen, and from there navigate to the top of the event menu. Check out "Go to Event Room" to spin some new drip!

What types of items can I get from Grabs?

Grabs have a variety of items, and usually these items come in various Rarities, indicated by their drop rates. Rarities include:
  • Uncommon
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Usually, a grab is composed of mostly Rare items, with a few special Epics in the mix that are less likely to drop when you spin the grab. Legendary items are attainable once you have spun every item in the grab.

What are Limited-Time Legendaries?

Limited-Time Legendaries are bonus Legendary items that you can win by completing a grab - but, as their name suggests, you can only acquire these Legendaries during a short window of time!
Once the timer runs out, these items vanish from the grab forever. Snag 'em while you can!

Can I win a Legendary more than once?

Now you can! We upgraded our grabs, which now reset after you claim every reward and finally snag your Legendary prize.
Just in case you're wondering: yes, duplicate items always give boost. And yes, that includes Legendaries! Level up your eventing game by claiming the Legendary not once, not twice, but... however many times you choose to spin the grab to completion. You got this, friend.