Looking to set up those wobbly bookcases? Remember the buddy system – it's not just for field trips! Bring a friend (or two) along for the ride, and they can even bring their own furniture too – once you've given them Design Rights.

Here's how to turn room decorating into a party:

  1. Pop into Room Settings and give 'Moderation and Access' a tap.

  2. Hit 'Add User', and it's search time! Hunt down that friend who's got the design skills of a pro.

  3. Now you can both work on making that dream room a reality. They can play interior decorator anytime, changing up your room's look to their heart's content.

Just remember, your furniture sticks around until you decide to haul it out, and your friend's furniture stays put until they move it. It's like a sleepover - everyone brings their stuff, but they also take it back home. And while anyone with Design Rights can play musical chairs with the furniture, no one can take anyone else's items. So, let the decorating party begin!