Got some online drama brewing? Feeling like a lone sheriff in a wild, wild, chatroom? Well, you're in luck because deputizing just got easy! Let's add some moderators to keep your bustling rooms as chill as an igloo.

Follow these steps to bring order to your room:

  1. Enter your room settings like a boss – head to the rooms directory, select "My rooms", then tap the '!' icon next to the room you want to cool down. Next, tap on 'Room Settings'.

  2. Scroll down that page like you're on a treasure hunt until you spot the "Moderation & Design" section.

  3. Click 'Add People.' You can now handpick players to become your personal peacekeepers with moderation rights, or give them the magic wand of designer privileges. Or, go wild and grant both!

With the moderation rights, they can boot any rowdy rowdies from the room. All it takes is a tap on the player's avatar and a tap on "Kick" in the profile mini-menu popup. You can do this too, in any room you own or moderate.

So, sit back, relax, and let your deputies take care of the wild west!