Tired of the common folk invading your space? Want to roll out the virtual red carpet for your VIP friends only? Or maybe you just need some 'me' time. Whatever it is, you've got the keys to your castle!

Here's how to control your room's guest list:

  1. Mosey on over to the rooms directory, and choose "My rooms". Look for the '!' icon next to the room you want to tweak. Tap it, then hit 'Room Settings'. Sounds like a secret spy code, right?

  2. Now, you'll see the 'Access' option. Give it a tap, and voila! You can choose who gets to party in your room, and who gets the virtual "Do Not Disturb" sign.

So, whether it's friends-only Fridays or solitaire Sundays, you're the boss. Remember, a good host knows when to open the door...and when to lock it!