Use bubbles to spin grab items or buy furniture to decorate your pad! You can collect bubbles in several different ways, and finally actualize your dream of hoarding your very own bubble collection.  
  • You are awarded bubbles every time you complete any of your Daily Goals and a bonus if you complete all of them.

    You can view your Daily Goals by tapping on the green clipboard icon in the upper left of your homeroom screen. Here, you can also tab over to your Stickers; these mark accomplishments.

  • If you are part of a crew, you'll receive a gift every time a crewmate buys gold. Gifts include bubbles and, if you're lucky, real gold!

    You can check and claim crew gifts by visiting your gifts section.

  • You can also receive a small sum of bubbles by selling your spare items. If you have duplicate untradeable items or spares you don't want to bother selling through the storefront, you can still purge them from your inventory! 

    Pawn untradeable items in the Welcome Plaza. This room is always at the top of the rooms directory.

    There's a bot standing in the back of the room with a "Sell" icon above his head; tap on him to receive Bubbles for items you no longer want.

    If you're having trouble locating your daily goals, please watch out video below: