What is SkyGrab?

SkyGrab is an new way to acquire exclusive items in Highrise. The current SkyGrab brings back items from past Sky Passes (which are account-bound) as well as introduces 3 brand-new items (non-account-bound). However, the rewards for future SkyGrabs may change as we collect feedback and conduct further tests.

How Can I Participate?

As a special gift, every player will receive enough Sky Tokens today to spin once in the SkyGrab. More tokens can be earned through various means like the Lucky Wheel, a special bot in the mall, and completing daily goals. These additional ways to earn Sky Tokens will be rolled out gradually over the coming days and weeks.

What are Sky Tokens?

Sky Tokens are the currency used to participate in SkyGrab. You can use these tokens to spin and win items.

Important Note

Please keep in mind that the current iteration of SkyGrab is a test run. We are closely monitoring its impact and gathering player feedback. The feature is expected to change based on this feedback. For the latest updates on SkyGrab, stay tuned to Highrise EN towards the end of the month.