Create with official Highrise assets and art guides!

Here, you'll find documentation for our Style Guides and Branding, along with assets for Gold, Collectibles, Grab icons, and more. Visit our Create Portal for the full suite of guides, forums, and tutorials! 

App Assets 

Gold & Bubble icons, collectibles, and more! Create custom images using our official assets for all in-game knickknacks.

Drawing & Design Resources

All of our Art Team's hand crafted guides to making Highrise art! Find detailed tutorials on concepting clothing; adding shading, depth, and dimension to a variety of fabrics; styling hair textures, face items, and animal companions. We've also included avatar color palettes, body and head templates, and Illustrator Tips!

Branding Resources

Highrise logos, fonts, and official brand color guides for creating your own events and promos.