When you vote, you’ll be presented with two random designs. If a design has more than one image, view additional slides by swiping right-to-left. 


Pick your favorite! Tap on an entry to select it, and tap again to confirm your choice. 



After you confirm, you’ll be presented with a new pair of concepts. Votes are infinite, so keep reviewing concepts as long as you’d like - or until supper calls 🥪



Q: How are votes counted in Concepts?

A: This tool uses ELO rating! This style of scoring gives each entry a score that increases and decreases depending on its total wins over a series of matchups; importantly, in this system each vote carries a different weight depending on the ranks of the two competitors.

For example, an entry will receive a modest impact to its score when paired against an entry with an equal rating. But if a highly voted entry is paired against a low voted entry, it will receive a bigger hit to its score - and the lower voted entry will receive a bigger bonus.

This system is also what allows us to run voting alongside an open submission period, as votes are not tallied via total quantity, but rather by total score. A new, recently submitted design will always have a chance to rise through the ranks if it receives enough attention! Unless you submit like, an hour before the contest ends. In that case, good luck kid.

Read more about the system here!


Q: How are designs matched up? Is it all random?

A: All pairs are random. None of the following will affect pairing or order of appearance:

  1. Time of entry
  2. Current score
  3. Whether you’ve seen an entry before
  4. Whether you approved or disapproved an entry
  5. Who submitted the design


Q: Can I see what I’ve voted for?

A: Right now, we do not have a system in place for retaining an index of your votes. Additionally, there is no navigation for going back to rescind a vote, or bookmarks to revisit an entry later. Go with the flow, and let your feelings guide you!


Q: Can I skip if I don't like my choices?

A. Nope! The idea behind Concepts is to give every single design an equal chance of being seen. The A or B voting mechanic should bubble up the best designs over time; which means that every vote you cast matters. When voting, you're not picking the overall best entries, but evaluating two concepts side-by-side in order to share your impressions of their quality relative to each other. 

By voting on each entry, you help to give us an accurate read on how well the community is resonating with a particular design. 


Q: How do I report an entry?

A: Report an entry for violating our Community Guidelines by tapping the red flag in the upper left corner. Please share a comment on why you are submitting your report in the text box, and then hit Submit to send your report to our dedicated Trust & Safety team.