Concepts is an evolved version of our current UDC (User Design Contest) tool. The Concepts hub currently lives on our website - here, community members can view and submit item ideas for designated themes.

👉Where Concepts departs from the UDC model is that it allows A or B voting, a different vote scoring system, and even simultaneous submission and voting.

When someone wants to view and vote on the submitted artwork for a Concept, they’ll be presented with two entries at once, and will choose their favorite between the two. Yes, this is just like our Style Challenge voting!

Also like our Style Challenges, scoring will be determined through ELO rating. Not only is this system a better indicator of what resonates with the community, but it also allows us to open any concept’s submission period to run concurrently with its voting stage (since submitting early to gain more votes is no longer an issue). Additionally, this system elevates art based on the merit of the design alone. By reducing the impact of a player's popularity on their total votes, lesser-known creators have a better chance of getting noticed.


𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙒𝙃𝙔:

In keeping with our vision of a Highrise entirely built by the community, we want to move toward a future where content moves in a transparent pipeline from sketch, to vector, to real item, with your innovation, intuition, and insight as key influences every step of the way.

Concepts lets you take a far more active role in choosing what kind of content gets released. By participating in the scoring process and bubbling up the best designs, you can let us know early on if a concept is in high demand and should be put into production.

Additionally, our Art Team will be using HR Concepts to submit their own art sketches to the voting pool, so we can all collaborate as a community on what kinds of looks we like the best. We’re imagining a future where everyone can get involved in choosing what gets released!