The Highrise bot API is a powerful toolkit that enables you to add awesome features to your rooms in Highrise. These tools let you create "bots" that can perform a wide range of exciting tasks, such as hosting trivia, storing leaderboards, reading emotes, collecting tips, teleporting guests, and much more.

By utilizing the Highrise bot API, you can make your rooms more engaging and interactive for you and your friends. The customization options for your bots are virtually limitless, allowing you to create unique and extraordinary experiences within your rooms. Unleash your creativity with the Highrise bot API, and transform your room into the ultimate hotspot in Highrise!

Here's what you need to use the Highrise Bot API:

  • You can create a bot via the Settings section on our website. You'll find the option to create a bot at the bottom.
  • You can read the documentation about the bot's endpoints in the FAQ on the website.
  • Below are links to BETA versions of Highrise SDKs.  They enable you to build a Highrise bot more easily.
  • You can retrieve the room ID for a room by copying the room link that is shared from the app. So, for example, the



If you have any more questions, please join the Discord and request to be added to the BETA API discussion channel.