Progress Rewards are unique items unlocked by spinning grabs and collecting new items. Snag these bonuses on your way to achieving that Legendary!

How are Progress Rewards unlocked?

You'll gain a Progress Reward for spinning a particular number of unique items from a grab. Rare and Epic items count equally in filling up your Progress Meter, but duplicate items do not count toward your Progress Reward.

Usually, Progress Rewards are given out at the midway point, or 3/4 of the way through the total number of items needed to unlock the grab's Legendary.

Let's say there's a grab with 16 items, and the Progress Reward is achieved upon spinning 10 of those 16 items. This means you must have WON 10 different Rare or Epic items before you can unlock the Progress Reward. The Progress Reward item does not count toward completing the grab to unlock the Legendary - think of it as a reward for getting closer to your goal!

How do I know which grab has a Progress Reward?

A grab that has a Progress Reward will display a Progress Reward Meter underneath the usual Completion Reward Meter.
This meter displays how many unique items you have won so far, and how many you have left before you can claim the Progress Reward.

How do I claim the Progress Reward?

Progress Rewards are automatically claimed once you have filled your Progress Meter. Immediately after you spin the final item needed to complete the Progress Meter, you'll see a new animation for the Progress Reward appear - tap on the grab ball in order to have your Progress Reward instantly added to your closet inventory.

Got more questions?

Will all Progress Rewards be account-bound?

Our first two grabs featuring Progress Rewards use account-bound items as rewards, but, as always, we're open to tweaking and playing with the items awarded through the Progress Meter! Keep an eye out - we love to switch things up!

Do all Progress Rewards require the same amount of items to unlock?

Nope! Some grabs need more or fewer items to complete; similarly, some Progress Rewards will be unlocked with greater or smaller numbers of items from the grab.

What happens once I complete the whole grab? Can I get the Progress Reward again?

Yes! Once you finish the grab and claim the Legendary item, all progress will be reset, all Progress and Completion Meters will return to 0, and you will be able to spin the grab and unlock all its rewards from scratch as many times as you like.