LAND that was previously purchased during a promotional sale with LAND deeds can now be withdrawn and minted onto the L1 blockchain. This allows LAND parcels to be traded, sold or transferred on OpenSea!  [LAND will still become accessible without completing this process but is solely connected to the Highrise account it was purchased with. 

Where Do I Find the Withdraw LAND Option?

  1. Head to and log into the Highrise account that contains your plot of LAND. Click on your plot, then click "•••" and "Withdraw LAND" option.
Tip: If you're unable to locate your LAND, press the arrow in the top left corner to open up the filters menu. Then select "Owned By Me" and it should highlight your LAND.
                2. Your MetaMask browser should pop up and ask you to Confirm and Sign for the transaction. Ensure you have a small amount of ETH available in your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fees.
   [There is no time limit to complete this process -- you can wait to do this process when gas prices are lower!]
To check current gas prices, you can go to: The lower the number, the cheaper the cost will be! The cost reflects the amount of activity occurring over the Blockchain at that specific time.
Note: This was a temporary promotional sale that occurred from May 12th-17th, 2022. [LAND can no longer be purchased with LAND Deeds at this time].