Whoopsie-doodle, posted something a tad too cheeky or simply want a do-over? Hey, we've all been there – dancing thumbs, sly autocorrect, or just a sudden change of heart, right? No worries, we're the eraser to your pencil!

Wiping off your own post is as easy as pie:

  • Spot those three naughty dots (ellipsis icon) chilling at the bottom right of your would-be ex-post? Give 'em a tap, then a brisk tap on 'delete'. Poof! It's gone, just like last season's fashion trends!

And what about those comments that seemed so witty in the heat of the moment? We've got you covered there too!

  • Firmly press and hold on your comment, kind of like a thumb-wrestling match. A screen will pop up offering you a peace treaty, aka the delete option. Tap it, and boom! Your comment disappears, faster than cookies at a kindergarten party!