Your creations are dazzling, and we might just have used them in a Highrise advertisement. If so, you could be eligible for a shiny GOLD reward! Let's break it down:

  • If your character's image, feed content, or a room you designed starred in an ad for less than 3 seconds, you're set for a 990 GOLD reward. It's like a "blink and you'll miss it" bonus!
  • If your creation held the spotlight for over 3 seconds, you're in for a whopping 3000 GOLD! Talk about a superstar salary!

But, if you were just casually hanging out in public rooms when we caught you on camera, there's no GOLD reward for that cameo.

Remember, this policy is only for paid advertisements. So, our social media posts, 'Outfit of the Day', 'Room of the Day', 'HR Live Spotlight', and other unpaid content won't trigger the GOLD cascade.

Think you're eligible? Get in touch with Support and share a screenshot or clear reference of the ad where your content shone. We're waiting with bated breath (and a pot of GOLD)!