Furry, scaly, slimy... Usually adorable and always wanting treats and/or scritches? You know... PETS??

Highrise Pets are no different from your run-of-the-mill dogs and cats, except for the fact that they're digital, live forever, and require zero training. No matter the species, every Highrise Pet is composed of unique characteristics and has the ability to follow you around from room to room as you explore the Highrise World!

Pet Species

The variety of Pet species is always growing as we continue to explore and develop our world. Keep your eyes out for the discovery of new types of critters!


Though they be but little, Slimes are full of quirky personality. They'll bounce their blobular selves around as they follow you in the virtual world, and love a good slime bath.

Slime Characteristics

Each slime is composed of a unique combination of the following traits:
  • Interior
  • Head accessory (horns, ears, or antenna)
  • Eyes
  • Mouth

How to adopt a Slime

Standard Slimes are Epic rarity, and live on a particular LAND parcel; each parcel is home to a single Slime Pet. Since these Pets are tied to their LAND, buying LAND is currently the only way to adopt a Slime.
Keep in mind: if you sell or trade your LAND, these little guys will go with it. Slimes cannot be traded within Highrise, and can only be adopted with the purchase or trade of LAND.

Premium Slimes are similar to Standard Slimes, but share a different pool of potential characteristics, and are of a Legendary rarity. These Pets are also attached to their LAND parcel, and are only available if you own a Premium plot of LAND.

Check out LAND here: https://highrise.game/land

Slime Kitties

Slime Kitties are gelatinous quadrupeds with a whole lot of cattitude. They'll stay by your side, walk around the virtual world, and enjoy treats like rats and fish.

Kitty Characteristics

Each kitty is composed of a unique combination of these traits:
  • Body
  • Whisker
  • Face

How to Adopt a Slime Kitty

Slime Kitties are Legendary items, and were distributed to the Top 50 Individual winners of the LAND Ho! Lucky Token event in May 2022. These Pets are freely tradable within Highrise, so they may be bought, sold, or traded just like regular Highrise items and accessories. Ask around to see who's selling or trading a Slime Kitty!