Ever heard of Tip Jars in Highrise? They're more than just fancy furniture – they're your ticket to raking in Gold tips, even while you're off adventuring. It's like a 'thank you' jar for hosting a stellar party or crafting the coolest room around!

Setting Up Your Tip Jar:

  1. Zip on over to the Shop > Furniture > Tip Jars and pick your jar style!
  2. Plop the Tip Jar in your room just like any other piece of furniture.
  3. Stand back and watch as the gold starts rolling in!

Tipping a Tip Jar:

  1. Tap on the Tip Jar you want to shower with gold.
  2. Slide to select how much you're tipping in gold bars – anywhere from 1G to 10,000G!
  3. Out of gold bars? Don't sweat it! You can convert your regular gold right in the tipping system. But remember, conversion taxes do apply – a 500G tip will cost you 550G.

Adding a Message to Your Tip:

  1. Got a tip of at least 100 Gold? Attach a message to it! Everyone can see your message on the Recent Tips screen of the room's Tip Jars.
  2. If you're tipping 5,000 Gold or more, your message gets a fancy golden background and is announced to everyone in the room chat!

Seen an Offensive Message?

  1. Tap on the message in the Tip Jar and hit the Report button. Our Trust & Safety superheroes will swoop in to review it.

What's 'Top Tippers'? This section of the Tip Jar showcases the biggest gold-donators in the room, complete with their total Gold tipped!

Collecting Your Gold:

  1. When your Tip Jar has tips, it'll be filled with shiny gold coins! You can leave them there to show off, or hit the 'Claim' button to collect your gold.
  2. If someone removes your Tip Jar, fear not! Your gold will be safely transported to your inventory.

So, ready to dip into the world of Tip Jars? You can grab one in the Furniture section of the Shop, and then set it up in any room you own. Remember, your Tip Jars, your rules!