Quick Chat is an easy way to quickly chat with new friends! That's end of the FAQ, thanks for stopping by!

We jest 😛

How does it work?

Tap the Go! Button in your Room Directory to enter a Quick Chat room. This will take you to a special room with up to three other, random players. It's the best way to start a conversation and meet new friends, crewmates, and trading partners!

Quick Chat rooms are locked to other players, so no one can follow you to a QC room or join your session. When one of your random partners decides to leave, they won't be replaced by another Quick Chatter. If everyone leaves the room, you'll have to navigate through the Room Directory again to enter a new Quick Chat room with new partners.

How am I matched to my Quick Chat partners?

All players are matched to peers: that is to say, our system age-checks everyone entering a Quick Chat room. Players 18+ can only connect with others who are 18+, and likewise, anyone under 17 will only be connected to players in the same age bracket.