Spectating grants an unlimited number of players the option to watch your room's activities! Finally, you can fulfill the needs of your voyeur's soul.

How do I enable Spectating?

Go to your Room Settings to Enable Spectating. Only Room Owners can enable or disable Spectating.

How does it work?

Spectating will only commence once your room has hit capacity; if your room is full, any additional players who attempt to join the room will become Spectators.

View the entire list of Spectators through the "People in Room" tab in the Room menu! Anyone can see who's visiting and who's spectating.

What can Spectators do?

A Spectator can:
  • Watch avatar activities and text chat
  • Listen to a live Voice Chat session
  • Send Tips to any active player in the room
  • Send emoji reactions (hearts, winks) to any active player in the room
But, a Spectator cannot:
  • Walk around or see their avatar in the room
  • Participate in either text chat or Voice Chat

Joining the room

Spectating players get the opportunity to join any room they're observing once an active visitor leaves the room. When a spot opens up, all Spectators will be presented with the option to join the room - so be ready to tap! The first player to hit "Join" will get to hop into the room as a visitor.
But feel free to ignore this prompt! You can remain a ghost and keep Spectating as long as you'd like.

I don't want to join a room as a visitor, only Spectate!

Sorry, shy friends! You can only Spectate if:
  1. A room owner has this feature enabled
  2. The room is currently full

Can I limit the number of Spectators?

Nope! There currently no cap on the number of people who can watch the goings-on in your room. The sky's the limit!

How does Reporting work with Spectating?

When it comes to moderation and reporting, Spectators are the same as any other player. Room moderators can kick and ban Spectators from their rooms, and likewise, Spectators can report anyone who's misbehaving. It takes teamwork to keep a room safe!