Hey there! So, what exactly is SkyPass? Well, think of it as the cool sibling of Daily Goals (you remember those, right? They're pretty straightforward!). The best part? SkyPass is absolutely free and open to everyone!

Ready to embark on your daily adventure? Simply log in and tap the delightful blue icon at the upper left corner of your screen. Voila! You're now on the SkyPass tracks. Here, you'll find a range of tasks, from visiting a trading room to building a sculpture. Complete a goal, and guess what? You'll earn shiny Stars!

Now, let's talk about Stars and Tiers. Stars are like tokens designed exclusively for SkyPass, and they're your ticket to leveling up through different tiers. Each day, you'll be challenged with an Easy, Medium, and Hard task. The tougher the task, the greater the reward!

As you progress, unlocking each Tier will bring you a variety of awesome rewards. From bubbles and stylish clothing items to Free Spin Tokens and more, there's something for everyone. Be warned though, advancing through Tiers may require hundreds to thousands of Stars. Fear not! You can always purchase Stars with gold to speed up your progress.

Ah, the seasons of SkyPass! They're like magical reward-filled journeys that last around a month or so. Picture this: unique sets of rewards await you during each season. Exciting, right?

Now, let's talk about SkyPass+. It's the VIP upgrade that unlocks an additional rewards track. For only $9.99 per season, you'll get all the regular SkyPass rewards plus extras like bonus gold and snazzy, tradable clothing items. Currently, SkyPass+ is only available as an in-app purchase. Remember, it's a one-time purchase per season, so if you want to keep those amazing SkyPass+ benefits in a new season, you'll need to make another purchase of $9.99.

Imagine this scenario: You decide to get SkyPass+ in the middle of a season. Bam! You instantly unlock the premium rewards for all the reward tiers you've already reached. And that's not all—every new tier you conquer from that point onward also grants you both the free and premium rewards. It's like a reward bonanza!

Oops, forgot to claim your rewards before the SkyPass season ended? No worries, we've got you covered! All those fantastic unclaimed rewards will be automatically sent your way at the end of the season. Can't find them in your inventory? Just check Inbox > Gifts, and there they are!

Now, what if you don't see SkyPass at all? Let's troubleshoot! Make sure your device is running iOS 3.16.0 / Android 1.22.0 or a later version. If you're a rookie Highriser, complete your account setup by acing all three challenges of the tutorial with Pedra. If SkyPass isn't active, don't fret! When a season ends, the blue SkyPass icon will turn green, and you'll start receiving bubbles instead of Stars. But don't worry, a new SkyPass season will be on its way soon. Stay tuned!

Got more questions we didn't cover? Spotted a major issue or have a brilliant suggestion? We want to hear from you! Visit highrise.canny.io to share your feedback directly with the devs. Since this is a brand-new feature, your input means the world to us!

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with SkyPass. Happy exploring and enjoy those awesome rewards!