What is SkyPass?

SkyPass is a new feature that expands upon Daily Goals! (If you’re new and don’t remember them… they’re pretty self-explanatory). SkyPass is free and accessible to everyone.
Every day when you log in, tap the blue icon in the upper left of your screen to access the SkyPass tracks. You’ll be given tasks of varying difficulty: these can range from visiting a trading room to building a sculpture. Once you complete a goal you’ll be awarded some Stars.

Stars and Tiers

Stars are tokens used specifically in SkyPass to help you level up through different tiers!

  • Each day, you'll be given an Easy, Medium and Hard task. Completion of these tasks will net you a quantity of Stars - the more difficult the task, the greater the reward!
  • A Tier unlocks various rewards, ranging from bubbles and account-bound clothing items to Free Spin Tokens and more
  • Each Tier may require hundreds to thousands of Stars, increasing in Star costs as you level up
  • You can purchase Stars with gold to progress through Tiers faster
  • The amount of Stars you need to level up through Tiers may change, depending on the season

SkyPass Seasons

A season of SkyPass refers to the particular rewards track available at a given time. Seasons typically last a month, give or take, and feature unique reward sets.


This feature grants access to an additional rewards track, and is currently available for $9.99 per season. Gain access to all the usual SkyPass rewards, PLUS extras such as bonus gold and spiffy, tradeable clothing items.

Right now, SkyPass+ is only available as an in-app purchase. This is a one time purchase per season, so if you’d like to keep your SkyPass+ benefits through a new season, you’ll have to make another purchase of 9.99

What if I purchase SkyPass+ in the middle of a season?

If you buy SkyPass+, you will immediately unlock the premium rewards for each reward tier that you have already reached. You will also unlock premium rewards for the reward tiers that you reach throughout the rest of the current SkyPass season. For example, Bob is at tier 8 of the reward track. He buys SkyPass+. He immediately unlocks the premium rewards for tiers 1 through 8. Then he reaches tier 9. Because he has SkyPass+, he unlocks both the free and the premium reward for tier 9, and any higher tiers he reaches later.

I forgot to claim my rewards before the SkyPass season ended!

You goof! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Any unclaimed rewards will be sent to you automatically at the end of the season. Don't see them in your inventory? Check Inbox > Gifts!

I don’t see SkyPass at all?

There are a few things you can check if SkyPass isn’t showing up for you.

  • Check your device and make sure you’re running iOS 3.16.0 / Android 1.22.0 or later. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to get yourself up to date
  • If you’re a rookie Highriser, finish your account setup! This means you must complete all three challenges of the tutorial with Pedra
  • SkyPass may not be active. When a season ends, the blue SkyPass icon will revert to the green Daily Goals icon, and you’ll start receiving bubbles instead of Stars. A new SkyPass season should begin again soon, so stay tuned!

Have any other questions we didn’t cover? See a major issue or have a suggestion? Let us know! Visit highrise.canny.io to submit your feedback directly to the devs. This is a new feature, so we really appreciate hearing from you!