What’s the UDC feature? 

Goodbye clunky Newsfeed contests, hello streamlined contest feature! User Design Contest (UDC) is a feature that allows players to submit their own item designs, and winning designs will be turned into real items by the art team. Before, we used hashtags to sort through design contest entries in the Newsfeed. Now this is a built-in feature with its own menu!

Inside the UDC menu, players can submit their designs or vote on the designs submitted by other users. Voting works by tapping the Like button, similar to Feed posts.

What kinds of contests will this be used for?

All the contests! Here’s a quick refresher on the different types of art and design contests we run.
  1. Grab Design Contests: players make a full grab of 12-15 unique items. Grabs are released in major events, and winners will receive the full grab (with their name credited!) alongside a gold prize. 
  2. Mini Design Contests: players design items or accessories for a grab or shop collection, and also receive name credit, gold, and the items themselves. 
  3. Art Design Contests: make a card, item, or decoration and have your work added directly to the game! 
Remember! All contests have a cooldown period which will preclude a winner’s eligibility for that contest type for one contest cycle. For example, if you win a Grab Contest, you won’t be able to enter the next Grab Contest, but you can still enter a Mini Design or Art Design Contest.  

Where do I find this feature?

The UDC system is only accessible while a contest is running. Each time a contest starts, Highrise-EN will make an announcement post explaining the contest and where to find a special bot. Tap on the contest bot to pull up the UDC menu.

Inside the menu, you’ll find the contest description and rules, along with what you can look forward to in rewards if you win. There’s also a downloadable template that you can use for your designs. 

Below the template, you’ll see a button to submit your design. Write up a little description of your entry- don’t worry about adding a hashtag! Your design will be automatically entered into the contest when you add it through the UDC. 

Important note! Your contest entries will still appear in the Newsfeed and on your profile- this is why it's important to set your profile to public.

Next, tab over to “Browse” to check out other entries and vote on your favorites. Voting works in a similar way to Likes in the Newsfeed, so heart other player designs to show the love.

Keep in mind that you can submit as many different designs as you want, but spamming the same entry over and over may disqualify you from the running! Entries that don't follow the Contest Rules outlined in the UDC menu won't be considered.

I submitted an entry, but it doesn't show up in the My Submissions list! 

There are three steps to troubleshoot this issue:
  • Check to make sure your Newsfeed is not set to Private. If your Newsfeed is set to Private, your entries will be excluded.
  • Next, check to make sure the image submitted does not contain pornography or any other inappropriate content. This type of content will automatically be filtered out, just like the Feed.
  • If neither of the above are relevant, try waiting 5 minutes or restarting the app. If the contest is busy, it can take up to 5 minutes before your entry becomes visible.