How do I add Voice Chat to my rooms?
  • A button to start Voice Chat in the Room is visible to the Room Owner and the Room Moderators under the "People in Room" menu. You can pay 200 Gold to buy one Voice chat token that will grant you one hour of Voice Chat. You'll be able to extend Voice Chat as long as you want.
  • A popup asking for microphone access will appear, along with a safety popup. If you deny microphone permission, you'll have to go to your device's settings to enable access.
  • Once you've activated Voice Chat, you can mute yourself by tapping the microphone button on your screen.
  • The Room Owner and Room Moderators can invite any Room Visitors to join Voice Chat from their Mini-Profile. Once you're invited, you'll get a popup asking if you'd like to join in the conversation
  • In the Visitors Bar, an indicator will show which players have Voice Chat privilege. A crossed out microphone indicates a player who is currently muted
  • A ... button in the Voice component allows you to:
  • Deafen Voice
  • Report the Room's Voice (the player who started Voice in the Room will receive the report).
  • End Voice (Only if you're a Room Owner or Moderator).

Why does Voice Chat cost gold?

We agree that free features are fun, and always do our best to keep most new additions to the app accessible to all. The reason Voice Chat is a little different is that the company we're partnered with to provide this service costs quite a bit to operate: the gold charge is there to help us offset some of these costs. And, by adding Voice as a paid feature, we remove a lot of potential toxicity and trolling, creating a safer and more engaging environment.

Why is this feature age-restricted?

Similarly, we gated this feature in an effort to keep our younger community safe. Younger players won't be able to start Voice Chat in their rooms, and also won't see rooms with VC enabled in their Directory.