Get Ready for the Lucky Wheel of Awesomeness!

What's the Lucky Wheel, you ask? Well, it's your ticket to spinning a wheel of fortune and grabbing some epic rewards. Think bubbles, gold, and even free spins! Talk about winning!

How often can you spin this magical wheel? Once a day, my friend. Yup, you get a free spin every day. But wait, there's more! After your free spin, you can watch a quick ad to score an extra spin on that same day. Double the fun!

Now, let's clear up something important. Can you spin the wheel with multiple accounts? Sorry, no can do. The once-per-day rule applies to all your accounts. So, don't go spinning away on your alternate accounts—it won't work.

So, when does the Lucky Wheel timer reset? Here's the scoop: It resets at noon UTC for everyone. Time zones don't matter. It's like a global celebration of wheel-spinning goodness!

Now, where can you find this fantastic Lucky Wheel? Look no further! Just tap the 'Spin!' button chilling in the upper-right corner of your screen while you're in a room. Can't spot it? No worries! Check out the handy-dandy photo below for a visual guide. We've got your back!

It's time to unleash the Lucky Wheel magic. Spin away, collect those rewards, and let the good times roll!