What is the Lucky Wheel?
The Lucky Wheel is a new feature that allows players to spin a wheel to receive random rewards. These rewards include bubbles, gold, and free spins.
How often can the Lucky Wheel be spun?
The wheel can be spun for free once per day per player. After the free spin, players can watch an ad to receive an additional spin for that day.
Can I spin with multiple accounts?
No. The once-per-day limit applies to all accounts that a player owns. So if you attempt to spin it on multiple/alternate accounts, it will not work.
When does the Lucky Wheel timer reset?
The timer resets at noon UTC for all players, regardless of what timezone you are currently in.
Where can I access the Lucky Wheel?
You can access the Lucky Wheel by tapping the 'Spin!' button located in your screen’s upper-right hand area while in a room. If you're having trouble finding this icon, please see the photo below: