What are second-hand grabs?
Second-hand grabs are purchasable Grab machines that you can place in your room. You can then fill these machines with items you own. Other players can draw from your machine, and you earn 70% of all proceeds earned by your machine.

How does it work?
You are able to add and remove items to your Second-hand Grabs whenever you wish. You can define the draw price from 1 to 99,999 Gold. You can also define the probability of drawing different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary).

Uh! What if the probability is unfair?
No fear! The probability percentage is displayed on all Second-hand Grabs, so it's up to you if you're feeling lucky 😉

Yeah, that's good n' all but what if one rarity is gone from the grab?
Good question! Once all items of a particular rarity are drawn from the Grab, the probability is added to the lowest rarity.
Epic: 5%
Rare: 15%
Uncommon: 25%
Common: 55%

If all Rare items have been drawn, the probability will change to...
Epic: 5%
Uncommon: 25%
Common: 70%

Can owners see their grab's activity?
Yup! Here is a list of what owners can access through the history button in the top-right of the Second-hand Grab interface:
  • A list of players who drew from your grab, and how many times.
  • What items a player drew with the appropriate rarity color.
  • The amount of Gold a player spent on your grab.

What can visitors access when drawing from a Second-hand Grab?
A visitor drawing from a Second-hand Grab can do the following:
  • View the owner's username.
  • View the probabilities.
  • Draw the grab.
  • See Grab updates when someone else draws.
  • See notifications of people winning items.
  • Be notified if the owner disables the grab.
  • Be alerted when all items are drawn.

What do the indicators mean?

Setup (Owner)

Ready to claim (Owner)

Grab enabled (Owner & Visitor)

Enabled grab

Empty grab

Disabled grab