Ever wondered why Gold Bars carry a heftier price tag than Gold in Highrise? Well, it's time to spill the secrets:

  1. Gold Bars come with a 10% premium, like adding truffle oil to your french fries. So, if you're buying a 500G Gold Bar, it'll cost you 550 Gold from your vault. Why the price hike, you ask? Well...

  2. Gold Bars are the social butterflies of our virtual world; they love to be traded! Meanwhile, Gold prefers to stay put, a tad shy about being traded.

  3. The extra cost of Gold Bars is like a superhero fighting inflation in Highrise. How? Well, every time a Gold Bar changes hands, it shape-shifts back into Gold, and poof! Gold vanishes from the economy. Fewer Gold floating around means lower prices for items. A win-win, right?

  4. But wait, there's more! Gold Bars aren't just a currency; they're also fashionable decor! Want to flaunt your wealth or just looking for that perfect metallic touch for your room design? Gold Bars are ready for their close-up! So, they're not just pricier, but also fancier—a premium currency, if you will.

So, now you know the tale of why Gold Bars cost more. They're more than just shiny objects; they're the life of the party in Highrise's bustling economy!