This system aims to filter out disruptive messages containing sexual content, bullying, violence, and racism, while still allowing players to express themselves freely. Ideally, you won't even notice it's been switched on! So, what's allowed and what isn't? Generally, anything that would violate our Community Guidelines is likely to trigger the filter. Swearing is still ok (we're 13+ after all). However, messages containing targeted abuse, sexually explicit content, or excessive amounts of vulgar language will be filtered.

How does it work? The filter works not based on words alone, but by groups of words in context. It can detect when a message is using words in an innocent way, and also when words are being used in a subversive way - for instance, it will know if you're talking about balls of the sporting variety or another kind of balls. Each player will have a reputation based on their chat history, so players with a great reputation will have more chat privileges, while players who have a history of posting disruptive messages will have certain privileges revoked.

What happens if you get a bad reputation? The good news is that there's always a way to restore your privileges through good behavior. Reputation is fluid, and changes don't happen instantly. A bad reputation will only be applied if a player repeatedly and consistently sends inappropriate messages (you won't lose reputation for one angry message sent in the heat of the moment). Restoring your reputation is as easy as not posting anything hateful or sexually explicit for a while.

We'll be continuing to tune and improve the system, so please bear with us during this calibration phase. We welcome your feedback during this time, so please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns!